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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3 Enjoyable Outdoor Activities For Seniors In San Dimas

Did you know that there are plenty of fun activities for you to enjoy as a senior in San Dimas?

A-1 Home Care is the leading in-home care agency in Southern California, and discusses three of the most enjoyable activities for seniors to enjoy this summer below:

  1. Relaxing Exercise. Sure, you go on hikes as often as you can and remember to move your feet at least a little bit during the day. But have you considered taking it up a notch? Exercises like water aerobics, yoga, and Tai Chi are both relaxing and enjoyable, so try something new and spice up your everyday outdoor routine!                                                                                                     
  2. Photography. Memories last forever, but taking pictures of the memories are every bit as valuable. Perfect your photography skills and capture some of the most beautiful sights the great outdoors is waiting to show you!                                                                                            
  3. Kayaking, Canoeing, or Boating. Even if you don't own a water vehicle, you can rent one for surprisingly inexpensive costs. Besides, there's something about being out on the water during the warm summer months that soothes the soul. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat!
For more information about enjoyable summer activities for seniors and other great outdoor opportunities in future months, call A-1 Home Care by dialing (909) 861-7700 or (562) 929-8400 today. With elder care services that have reached hundreds of people in San Dimas and surrounding areas for more than 20 years, A-1 Home Care serves communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County that include cities like Burbank, Malibu, Irvine, Santa Monica, and Cerritos.