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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Overnight Care Available for San Dimas Families

Many young college aged folks joke about Insomnia being a problem exclusive to millennials, but the truth is that this is a sleep disorder that affects thousands of Americans throughout the nation. Sleep disorders like this and others affect the young and old equally. This is detrimental to one's health because a lack of sleep or too much sleep can affect the immune system, causing an increase in disease vulnerability. This can be especially harmful for seniors, who's health is already more at risk of experiencing illness. 

For this reason many families in San Dimas are utilizing our A-1 Home Care's 24 hour caregivers to administer Overnight Care on their loved ones. This way, loved ones can be helped to a stressful sleep peacefully by experienced caregivers and simultaneously give everyone else in the home a useful rest, Combining skills to administrate Senior Care and Respite Care, our caregivers have helped hundreds of families since 1991 and are now looking to help you

For more information on our services, call us at 626 287 0250 or check us out at San Dimas In Home Care. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

National Heart Awareness Month/ A-1 Home Care San Dimas

Many people don't know that February is National Heart Awareness Month! This is exciting news at A-1 Home Care. So we'll be getting right on the boat and sharing info about maintaining good heart health.

There are many intricacies to the human body, least of all the heart. Heart attacks occur when there are blockages in the tiny ventricles of the heart, depriving it of necessary oxygen and resulting in the death of heart cells. This is a heart attack.

Certain factors make it more likely that you will develop coronary artery disease and have a heart attack. These risk factors include some things you cannot change. If you are a man over age 45 or a woman over age 55, you are at greater risk. Having a family history of early heart disease is another risk factor. You are also at risk if you have a personal history of angina or previous heart attack.

However, much of this can be helped with good diet, exercise, and relaxation.

A-1 Home Care arranges Live In Caregivers who provide round the clock heart attack care. Visit http://www.sandimasinhomecare.com for home care in San Dimas, Glendora, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Pomona, El Monte and other neighborhoods around the Los Angeles County.
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